Lynn Hershman Leeson

Over the last five decades, Lynn Hershman Leeson has earned international acclaim for her pioneering contributions to the fields of photography, video, film, performance, installation, artificial intelligence, and interactive and Internet-based art. Cited as one of the most influential media artists of our time, Hershman Leeson investigates issues recognized as key to the workings of society: the relationship between humans and technology, identity, surveillance, and the use of media as a tool of empowerment against censorship and political repression. Her honors include a special mention from the jury of the 2022 Venice Biennale, a Siggraph Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art, Prix Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica, a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, the San Francisco Film Society’s Persistence of Vision Award, and an honorary doctorate from the Pratt Institute. Her work is in the collections of museums around the world, and is represented by Altman Siegel, San Francisco, and Bridget Donahue, New York. An emeritus professor at the University of California, Davis, she lives in San Francisco and New York City.

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