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On the Dead, James Joyce, and John Huston

Wes Anderson

We thought it might be interesting to discuss the interpretation of a short story for the screen. During his long moviemaking career, John Huston specialized in literary adaptations. One of our favorites is his final film: The Dead.

Wes:      We’re sitting at dinner now. Do you know the man who plays Mr. Browne?

Hanan:     Mm-hmm.

Wes:       I think his name is Dan O’Herlihy. He was in Luis Buñuel’s movie of Robinson Crusoe. Did you ever see it?

Hanan:     No.

Wes:       Well, Buñuel made it in the fifties. And this Dan O’Herlihy, he’s a great character. And that’s one of my favorite performances in The Dead. Did you like him?

Hanan:     I loved him. I didn’t recognize any of the actors other than Anjelica Huston.

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