Zoetrope: All-Story

Spring 2022

Vol. 26 No. 1

Guest Designer Juman Malouf

The Tale of Dully’s Reversion

Jamil Jan Kochai


Shakako Jani was praying Fajr beneath the makeshift shrine she had built for her two martyred brothers, Fahim and Kadeem, when, at approximately 6:45 a.m., Dully Abdul Kareem, her second-born son, crossed the path of her janamaz and promptly transformed into a small monkey. And although, as she would later recall, Shakako did not see the transformation—her eyes fixed upon her janamaz—she did hear the cracking of seven English rifles being fired from somewhere deep within the Black Mountains, and because she knew that the Black Mountain . . .

A Sudden Gust of Wind

Stuart Dybek

The balcony doors swing open, tossing sheer curtains. There’s no tingle from the wind chime. The sea remains unruffled. It’s a becalmed day.

“Anyone catching anything?” she asks. 

“Looks like only the bleach jugs are fishing,” he says, lowering his binoculars and turning to her. 

She’s fresh from a shower, wound in a green bath towel. A white . . .

On the Dead, James Joyce, and John Huston

Wes Anderson

We thought it might be interesting to discuss the interpretation of a short story for the screen. During his long moviemaking career, John Huston specialized in literary adaptations. One of our favorites is his final film: The Dead.

Wes:      We’re sitting at dinner now. Do you know the man who plays Mr. Browne?

Hanan:     Mm-hmm.

Wes: . . .

The Seagull

Hanan Al-Shaykh

I raised my head from the book I was reading and saw the seagull looking at me from the sitting-room balcony.

“Have you come back?” I shouted. “Have you come back after being gone for so long?”

Perhaps it was another seagull.

“Is it really you?” 

The eye that examined the world was still a yellow sun, the white of the eye the color of brown sugar, the pupil black . . .

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