Zoetrope: All-Story

Notes on Design

Sylvia Plachy

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.

Edgar Allan Poe

So many photographs, so much to finish. 

Then I got an email from Zoetrope: would I like to be their next guest designer? Suddenly, I had a project and a deadline, like the old days—just what I needed.

A book of photographs is like a dinner party. You invite a few people you like, seat them close to each other if they seem sympatico, make them comfortable, and let them talk or maybe even sing and dance.

And here you have my father welcoming you in.

As a child, I was always told that my father couldn’t dance. Yet on some bright Sunday afternoons when he and I were home together and he’d put on his records, there were certain passages that moved him. I often saw him rise from his chair during Saint-Saëns’s Danse macabre and join the dead in their frenzy. Maybe he didn’t lead or follow, but my father could dance.

Wishing you a very happy new year!

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