The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Volume 6 Number 1: Spring 2002

Vol 6 No 1

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Vol 6 No 1

Spring 2002
Guest Designer: Jeff Koons
Notes on Contributors


Letter to the Reader


An American woman, an Italian man—and each a patriot.

Irish Mountain

What is the girl from Irish Mountain doing at a cockfight?

Utopia, Dystopia, Messtopia!

Perfection is not a good thing.

Aristotle's Lantern

Passing the test to enter utopia isn't as tough as staying there.

Near-Extinct Birds of the Central Cordillera

Cocaine, guerrillas, and rare birds: Colombia in the springtime.

The Golden Chariot

An American family's road trip is their rite of passage.


The story that inspired the classic movie musical Brigadoon.