The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Volume 3 Number 4: Winter 1999

Vol 3 No 4
Sold Out

Vol 3 No 4

Winter 1999
Guest Designer: Jim Woodring
Notes on Contributors


Blood on a Spear

A novella, in which a prized souvenir becomes a murder weapon.

How to Tell a Story

Committing the sin of autobiography.

Hiropon My Heroine

What to do when your lover lives with a mobster?

Planting Sticks and Grinding Yucca: On Being a Translated Writer

Reading yourself in another language.

Mrs. Lange's Party

A gambler is faced with an unusual deal.

A Hot Time at the Church of Kentucky Fried Souls and the Spectacular Final Sunday Sermon of the Right Revren Daddy Love

The Revren's love was as blind as faith and as democratic as the sun.


Family ties bind a jury.