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Belize Short Story Writers' Workshop

To apply for admission to the Zoetrope Short Story Writers' Workshop, please submit an original work of short fiction of under 5,000 words and this completed application. We accept applications on a rolling basis and strongly encourage applicants to submit materials no later than May 16, 2011. Applicants are required to make a deposit of $750 by check or credit card upon acceptance to reserve their place.

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City: ___________________ State: ________ Zip Code: ________

Telephone: ______________________________

E-mail: ______________________________

Fax: ______________________________

Have you ever attended a writers’ workshop? ___ Yes ___ No.

If yes, when and where:




What are your expectations of this workshop? What do you hope to come away with?




Tell us briefly about yourself (work interests, hobbies, etc.):





If accepted, are you interested in:

    1) a double occupancy cabana  _____
    2) a single occupancy cabana  _____
    3) a double occupancy villa _____
    4) a single occupancy villa _____

Do you want us to try to match you with a roommate?
_____ Yes _____ No



Send your story and completed application to: Zoetrope Short Story Writers’ Workshop.

    Zoetrope Short Story Writers' Workshop
    916 Kearny Street
    San Francisco, CA 94133

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