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Vol. 2, No. 1

Volume 2, Number 1
Winter 1998

Founding Editor
Francis Coppola

Editor in Chief
Adrienne Brodeur

Managing Editor
Samantha Schnee

Assistant Editors
Alicia Patterson
Joanna Yas

Editor at Large
Rose Kernochan

Editorial Board
Francis Coppola, Fred Fuchs, William Kennedy, Tom Luddy, Daniel Menaker, Nan Talese

Contributing Editors
Douglas Hatt, Estep Nagy, Jordan Pavlin, Elise Pittman, Eilene Zimmerman

Copy Editor
Karla Eoff

John Chapman, Lauren Davidowski, Anne Dreyer, Erik DuRon, Phyllis Grant, Lee Harrington, Richard McHugh, Sylvia Plapinger, Christopher Smith, Wendy Tronrud

Digital Publishing
Charles Lamm
Tom Edgar

Art Direction & Design
Socio X

Guest Artist
Helmut Newton

Francis Coppola

Zoetrope [fr. Gk. zoe, life + tropos, turning, changing]: an optical toy that converts a series of pictures of successive attitudes into the semblance of continuous motion: wheel of life: life revolution.

INFORMATION Zoetrope: All-Story prints short stories, essays on the story genre, reprints of “classic” stories that were adapted for the screen, and one-act plays. In addition, the magazine commissions short stories based on concepts provided by Francis Coppola, the magazine’s founder. “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting & Fishing” by Melissa Bank is our featured commissioned piece in this issue. PRINTING Zoetrope: All-Story (ISSN 1O91-2495) is printed in the U.S.A. and is published triannually by AZX Publications, 26O Fifth Avenue, Suite 12OO, New York, NY 1OOO1.



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