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Vol 5 No 3

Vol 5 No 3
Fall 2001
Guest Designer: Dean Tavoularis
Notes on Contributors

Anything For Money
by Karen E. Bender
He could buy anything but his granddaughter's heart.

Zilkowski's Theorem
by Karl Iagnemma
Triangles: Isosceles, Equilateral, and Love.

The Evil B.B. Chow
by Steve Almond
There was The Incredible Rowing Man, The Sperminator, and now The Evil B.B. Chow

The Creature Lurches From the Lagoon
by Rick Moody
Making a movie: the artist as an occupied country.

I Run Every Day
by Daniel Orozco
At fifty beats per minute, his heart seemed to be in perfect shape.

by Mark Schultz
She was a vixen of the grotesque, he was Yoda for the misanthropic.

The Siege
by James Lasdun
Could he win her through an orchid, a sonata, and saving her husband?

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