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Vol 4 No 4

Vol 4 No 4
Winter 2000: The One-Act Play Issue
Guest Designer: Peter Sellars
Notes on Contributors

Be Creative
by Francis Coppola
A letter to the reader.

Why Write for Theater?
by David Ives
The limelight seduces a playwright away from the priesthood.

Why Read Plays?
by Edward Albee
Indeed, why not?

Why Act in Theater?
by Willem Dafoe
The perks of working onstage.

Boise, Idaho
by Sean Michael Welch
A determined narrator finds it impossible to predict an ending.

The Voice in the Desert
by George Makana Clark
How Rhodesia swallows up boys whole.

Billy and the Crab Lady
by Holly Phillips
Lager, VD, and feline decapitaion--a London love triangle.

The Mystery at the Middle of Ordinary Life
by Don DeLillo
They make love, they make salads.

Who's On Top
by Elizabeth Dewberry
A lawn crypt is forever.

The Stolen Child
by Amanda Beesley
A belated honeymoon, a common cold.

Sorry, Wrong Number
by Lucille Fletcher
A classic thriller.

How to Read a One-Act Play
by Paul Rudnick
A playwright's perspective.

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