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Vol 4 No 1

Vol 4 No 1
Spring 2000
Notes on Contributors

'O Logos
by T. E. Holt
To see the word in print is a death sentence.

The Blooming Season for Cacti
by Chitra Divakaruni
An unexpected love.

by Rebecca Lee
The architecture of passion.

Zog-19: A Scientific Romance
by Pinckney Benedict
A young dairy farmer is replaced by an alien

by Peter Rock
How to survive in the wilderness.

by David Lida
A photographer's last look at Mexico City.

The Witch (After a Story by Chekhov)
by Francine Prose
The fine line between coincidence and magic.

The Call of the Primitive
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan and Jane's first kiss.

The Story Behind the Original All-Story
by Frank M. Robinson
America's heritage of fiction magazines.

Letter to the Reader
by Adrienne Brodeur

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