All-Story Extra

November 1998 Conditions


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November 1998
  "Spawning Grounds" by Arthur Lee
  "Survivors Assistance" by Bob Arter

October 1998
  "Coffin Fishing" by C.B. Adams
  "Destroyer of Dreams" by Robert Raven

September 1998
  "A Special Kind of Pain" by Jim Ruland
  "Unborn" by Laura Joyce

August 1998
  "Black Chicken" by Lea Robertson
  "Dressing the Ark" by Mare Freed

On-line Submissions

  All-Story Extra is an on-line supplement to Francis Coppola's fiction magazine, Zoetrope: All- Story. Each month, All-Story Extra features two new stories submitted by writers via Zoetrope's on-line submissions site. The stories are chosen and edited by guest editors -- also members of Zoetrope's on-line submissions site -- with assistance from the New York editorial staff of Zoetrope: All-Story.

  All-Story Extra was created by Francis Coppola and five members of Zoetrope's on-line submissions site, who comprise the Peer Advisory Board (PAB). Each month, Guest Editors select from nominations of the site's best stories, as well as "The Top Three" stories and/or other site stories that they feel merit publication in All-Story Extra.


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