Brandon Rucker (Guest Editor) is a native of the suburban jungle in Indianapolis where he has been a musician, and writer of articles, stories, scripts, and any other literary art form in which he can indulge his wretched muse. Locally he has published articles and editorials in The Pike Register, Pike Hi-Life, and poetry in VOiCE. On the Web he has reviews and fiction published in Z END Zine, A Literary Lifestyle Webzine, where he is also a Fiction Editor. He recently joined the editorial staff of the ShallowEND, an ezine of Literature and Art, as a Contributing Editor, and will be donning the hat of Feature Editor this summer. When the world undergoes a momentary pause, he writes fiction in various styles and genres. He prefers to write at night with soft music playing, and the PC monitor being his only source of luminescence. He can be cornered, coerced and sometimes convinced at:

Steve Frederick has been a journalist since 1976, when he earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Oregon. He lives with his wife and daughter on the high prairie of western Nebraska. He writes an award-winning fishing column and joined the Zoetrope on-line workshop in September. His work has been published in Vestal Review. He can be reached at:

Isabelle Carruthers resides in New Orleans where she works semi-diligently in the field of immigration law. Her poetry and fiction has appeared in Physik Garden Moondance, WordSalad, Clean Sheets, The Rose & Thorn Literary Journal, and 3am Publishing. She is the creative director for MindKites, a webzine for freethinkers, and recently joined the staff of Clean Sheets as an editorial assistant/galley slave. You can contact her at:

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