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Short Fiction Competition Results
Thanks to all who entered. We received some tremendous work and are grateful for the introduction to your writing. From more than two thousand submissions, guest judge Maile Meloy has awarded the prizes.

All-Story Wins the 2016 NMA!
Zoetrope: All-Story has won the 2016 National Magazine Award for fiction, the highest honor due an American periodical, for Anthony Marra's story "The Grozny Tourist Bureau." We congratulate Anthony and all of our contributors on another year of unparalleled stories.


Zoetrope: Live Story is a series of dramatic readings of stories from the magazine hosted in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Watch this page for information on upcoming readings.

'O Logos
by T. E. Holt
Performed by Robert Parsons and Elia MacDougall

Attention, Passengers
by Len Kruger
Performed by Anthony Fusco

The Cavemen in the Hedges
by Stacey Richter
Performed by Scott Openshaw

by Ivan Klíma
Performed by Jack Gilpin

Inside Information
by Nicola Barker
Performed by Lorri Holt

Making Book
by Dale Peck
Performed by Damon Seawell

Mortality Check
by Philip Gourevitch
Performed by Peter McRobbie

The Shark Swimmers
by Melissa Fraterrigo
Performed by Jake Suffian

Step Men
by Lucia Nevai
Performed by Kathryn Grody

Thinning the Herd
by Peter Lefcourt
Performed by Steven Maler

What the Butler Said
by Javier Marías
Performed by Angel David and Nick Toren


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